Bespoke sites

If you are looking for a more personalised website that is totally unique then this is probably the best option. When creating these kind of sites, I start by producing several mock-up pages of original designs for your feedback. Based on your comments the designs are refined / combined until finalised artwork is produced. From this actual web pages are created – standards compliant, accessible and search engine optimised of course. Your content is inserted and the website is built.
Bespoke sites can be static (i.e. where you rarely require changes) or include sections that you can update yourself (i.e. a photo gallery or blog). For a site where you need to able to modify much of the content on a regular basis you might want to consider a content management system (CMS) based site.
Using either ASP or PHP I can create an interactive / database driven element to the site. For example to capture data, allow visitors to sign up to a newsletter or to provide content based on specific criteria. Additionally I can provide Flash animation elements to your site to create extra visual impact (although I usually recommend against purely Flash based sites for a number of reasons).